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K-Fusion / Brazilian Blow-Dry

K-Fusion / Brazilian Blow-Dry
K-Fusion smoothes and de-frizzes the hair, conditioning each strand from inside to out to leave the hair glossy, smooth and beautifully conditioned when it is blow dried. It has the ability to repair chemically damaged hair and the over use of straightening irons.

No nasty smells or eye watering fumes. 100% formaldehyde free formula which has been certified by an international testing laboratory. It is gentle enough to use on all hair types and is safe to use even if you’re pregnant.

K-Fusion Testimonial..
“I have been able to dry my hair in half the time it takes normally, and it looks so smooth and has a great shine. I love my hair! And I have never been able to say that before”.

It is best to have a tougher consultation with your stylist, who can then advise you on how long the treatment will take to do, and the price, which can vary, depending on the length and thickness of the hair .

Q : How long does this treatment last?
A : Depending on how often you wash your hair. If frequently, the treatment will last three months. If you wash your hair once or twice a week, the treatment will last you six to eight months.
Q : Who can apply this treatment?
A : K-Fusion must be applied by a hair professional only!
Q : My hair is frizzy around the front hairline only?
A : We can apply the treatment to just the frizzy areas, so you don’t have to have the whole head treated.
Q : Can I use the treatment over tinted or highlighted hair?
A : Yes, you can use K-Fusion over tinted, highlighted and chemically straightened hair, but we recommend that colour is applied after the treatment.
Q : Can I go into a pool or the ocean after the treatment?
A : Yes, you can but to protect the treatment, apply L’Kerabelle Deep Conditioner and rinse after swimming.

Also, this treatment, must be used with paraben and sulphate free shampoos and conditioners to get the ultimate shelf life.